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Vehicle Accident FAQs

Vehicle Accident FAQs

Bradley Law Group knows that no two cases are identical.  Your case is unique!  We will gladly speak with you at no charge to discuss your case and answer your questions.  In the meantime, here are some common questions and answers about car/truck/motorcycle accidents:


Should I speak to the insurance company before I speak with a lawyer?



Should I sign a medical authorization for the insurance company before speaking with a lawyer?



Should I give the insurance company a recorded statement about my accident before speaking with a lawyer?



Does Bradley Law Group much experience handling this type of case?

Yes!  Bradley Law Group has represented injured people for twenty (20) years!  We have successfully represented thousands of clients throughout North Carolina and we have recovered millions and millions of dollars.  We have been honored by numerous professional organizations for our work in this field.


Do I have to go to one of Bradley Law Group’s office locations to start my case?

No!  We can get started by speaking over the phone.  Representations documents can be sent and signed electronically through your email or text message.  If you do not use email, we can have one of our team members meet with you at your home or other location of your choice.  Most cases can be handled to conclusion over the phone and through email.  Whenever a meeting is necessary, we have locations throughout North Carolina for your convenience.


If Bradley Law Group represents me, does that mean that I have to go to Court?

No.  We are successful in getting 90%-95% of our cases settled through private negotiations.  (Outside of Court)  However, we are ready to litigate your case should that become necessary.  Whether you go to Court or not will be YOUR decision.


How do legal fees work at Bradley Law Group?

You do not pay anything up front.  You will never pay a legal fee until you get paid.  We operate on a “contingent fee” basis.  This means that Bradley Law Group is paid a percentage of the overall recovery at the end of your case.  You did not plan to get injured and we understand that.  We make things easy for our clients by making sure that we only get paid when YOU get paid.  No recovery = no legal fee.


How much is my case worth?

There are many factors that will determine the value of your case.  Some of the most common examples include:

  1. The amount of your medical expenses
  2. The nature of your injuries
  3. The amount of any lost wages (present and future)
  4. The amount of pain and suffering caused by your injuries
  5. The amount of any future medical expenses (for injuries that will require long term treatment)
  6. The amount of any future pain and suffering (for permanent injuries)
  7. The cost of any prescriptions required by your injuries
  8. Punitive damages (In the event of drunk driving or other cases involving willful and wanton negligence)
  9. The amount of available insurance coverage (Liability insurance, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage)
  10. The amount of damage done to your vehicle (higher damage helps drive case value)


To get an idea of your case value, please call and speak with our team.  We can discuss your case and strategies to build value.


How long will my case take?

Bradley Law Group was built from ground up to handle injury cases.  As a consequence, we can reduce the amount of time it takes to complete most cases.  While we focus on moving cases along as quickly as possible, we will never sacrifice quality for speed.  The duration of your case will depend on the nature of your injuries, your recovery time, whether the insurance negotiates in good faith, etc.  We will gladly speak with you about your case to give you an idea of how long your case might take.


Can I still get medical treatment for my injuries if I don’t have health insurance?

Yes.  Our team can discuss medical treatment options with you.


Remember, your case is UNIQUE!  While FAQ’s are helpful, there is no substitute for speaking with our team about your case.  We will gladly give you a free consultation.