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How We Help Our Clients

How We Help Our Clients

Bradley Law Group was built from the ground up to help injured people and their families.  We stand out from other law firms in three ways:

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy is that we need to provide support to clients after an injury.  Being a good lawyer is not good enough.  We have to educate our clients.  Clients feel more empowered when they understand the issues at hand.  We have to do a good job of encouraging our clients.  It is tough recovering from an injury and we need to keep our clients focused on the best outcome possible.  Finally, we need to fight like hell for our clients.  That means standing up for what is right and making certain that our clients get the best results possible.  We work hard for our clients and it shows in our results.

Our Team:

Bradley Law Group assigns a TEAM of professionals to work on each and every injury case.  Our clients typically have a legal team including:

  1. Lawyer – We assign a lawyer that is focused on your type of injury case.  Each of our lawyers has more than a decade of experience in representing injured people.
  2. Case Manager – Your case manager works with you and coordinates the efforts of your team members. The case manager works with the attorney to make certain that you get the best outcome possible.
  3. Medical Records Specialist – Your medical records specialist works with your medical providers to gather all treatments records and bills, medical history when needed, etc.
  4. Medical Billing Analyst – Your medical billing analyst works with your medical providers to track account balances, payments made on your accounts, etc. This information is key when trying to negotiate a settlement.
  5. Health Insurance Specialist – Your health insurance specialist will work with Medicaid, Medicare, private health insurance, Tri-Care, the V.A. and other health insurance groups on your behalf. Many health insurance plans have a “subrogation” component.  This means that they have the right to be paid back from a settlement.  Your health insurance specialist works to open claims, request billing summaries and to strike unrelated charges.


Every team has multiple professionals and each professional has a specific job.  Your legal team will work together to get you the best result possible.

Our Process:

1. Investigation:

Every case starts with a thorough investigation.  This needs to be done right up front so that we can identify all relevant facts.  Failure to do this can result in reduced case value.  Remember, evidence can disappear and witnesses can forget.  Time is of the essence.

2. Plan of attack:

Once we have all of the facts in your case, we formulate a legal plan of attack.  Our goal is to determine the best way to get a client from where they are to where they need to be.  We want to get our clients healthy and then we want to get them the best legal outcome possible.  When formulating a plan of attack, we consider your injuries, medical treatment, medical expenses, lost wages, any long term disability, etc.  Our plan of attack is a roadmap for your recovery.

3. Assign & Execute Tasks:

Once we have formulated our plan of attack, we assign tasks to our team members.  Each team member receives a defined list of tasks with deadlines.  Each team member works to accomplish their goals while keeping our client and our team members informed of their progress.

4. Negotiation:

Once we can fully understand and demonstrate your legal damages, we will assemble your case for settlement negotiation.  We are successful in settling 90% -95% of our cases without litigation.  When the case is ready to negotiate, your attorney will negotiate directly with the insurance company.  Your attorney will keep you informed throughout the negotiation and will make a legal recommendation to you once a top offer has been received.

5. Litigation:

If your case cannot be settled outside of court, then your legal team will discuss litigation options with you.

Bradley Law Group was built to help clients in the most efficient way possible.  Our team members work together to produce the best case results possible.